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ArtWorks SanDiego
ArtWorks San Diego Certified Cargo Screening Facility
Certified Cargo Screening Facility03.03.09 - San Diego’s 1st TSA-Aproved Certified Cargo Screening Facility

Los Angeles International Airport , Calif., 3-March 2009
ArtWorks San Diego has been designated as a TSA-Approved Certified Cargo Screening Facility.

ArtWorks San Diego is the only fine art warehouse in San Diego to have earned certification by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) as a Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF).

In order to enhance the safety of the traveling public, the TSA has mandated that all cargo traveling on passenger aircraft must undergo the same level of screening as do the individuals traveling on that aircraft.

AWSD’s designation as a CCSF – a rigorous process which involves thorough background checks of all personnel, scheduled and unscheduled inspections by agents of Homeland Security, and stringent standards for the screening and handling of freight -- allows us to pre-screen shipments prior to delivery to the airport, ensuring that your crates are not subject to opening and inspection by untrained hands.

Thus, your works of Art remain secure in their crates, and AWSD does its part to maintain the highest level of security throughout its nationwide network of shipping agents, delivery services and airlines.

  Transportation Security Administration website : www.tsa.gov
  Transportation Security Administration Certified Cargo Screening Program

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